Education, License and Certification Details:

In 1975, while in High School, Mr. Tolbert attended and completed night courses at Tarrant Vocational School, Tarrant, AL in machine shop practice. This course included the introduction and use of all basic machine operations in a shop, inclusive of drill presses, saws, milling machines, lathes, grinders, etc.

1976 – High School graduation from Hewitt-Trussville High School in Trussville, AL. Receiving an advanced academic diploma, course work included advanced math, trigonometry, geometry, chemistry, biology, college prep English, French, Vocational/Industrial education, etc.

1977 – Completion of firefighting and damage control school in the U.S. Navy at Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA.

1978 – Completion of welding, pipefitting and fabricating school in the U.S. Navy at San Diego, CA.

1980 – Attended Bessemer State Technical College in Bessemer, AL for advanced welding courses. Did not complete the course due to an on-the-job accident.

1989 – Received an Associate of Applied Science from Jefferson State Junior College in Center Point, AL. Course work included Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, Statics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics.

1990 – Received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Alabama at Birmingham located in Birmingham, AL. Course work included advanced physics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, mechanical design, failure analysis, dynamics and kinematics of machinery, fluid mechanics, advanced mathematics, engineering economics, design synthesis, manufacturing processes, electric circuits, materials engineering, and business courses.

1994 – Completed a mechanical engineering review course at The University of Alabama at Birmingham in Birmingham, AL. This course included an overview of all aspects of mechanical engineering in preparation for the Professional Engineer examination.

1995 – Received a State of Alabama Professional Engineering License number 21013 in January, 1995.

1999 – Attended GE-Fanuc school for CNC programming in Addison, IL. Courses included ladder-logic programming, CNC structure, CNC programming language and maintenance of CNC equipment.

2000 – Attended SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) class on gear design in Nashville, TN. This class covered gear train design, including types of gears, speeds, power transmission sizing, etc.

2001 – Attended and completed Northwestern University’s Accident Reconstruction for Engineers in New Orleans, LA. This course was designed to instruct engineers in the geometry, dynamics and formulae of traffic accident reconstruction.

2003 – Received a Structural Engineering Certificate from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in Birmingham, AL. This is a Master’s level certificate certifying an individual has completed sufficient course work to specialize in structural engineering.

2005 – Received a Master of Science in Civil Engineering, specializing in the structural discipline. Courses included geotechnical engineering, foundation design, reinforced concrete design, pavement design, concrete technology, wind and seismic loads, dynamics of structures, wood structures, etc.

2005 – Received a State of Mississippi Professional Engineering License number 16727.

2005 – Received a State of Arkansas Professional Engineering License number 12327.

2006 – Completed Basic Onsite Wastewater School at the University of West Alabama (Previously Livingston University).

2006 – Completed Advanced Level I Onsite Wastewater School at the University of West Alabama.

2006 – Completed Advanced Level II Onsite Wastewater School at the University of West Alabama.

2007 – Received a State of Tennessee Professional Engineering License number 111157.

2008 – Received a State of Georgia Professional Engineering License number PE033488.

Over the course of the years, several short seminars and courses have been completed such as pump design, conveyor design, screen and filter design, hydraulics, etc.